Motorola Two-Way Radios for Property Management

Property management involves many working parts, and you need a durable and reliable communications system that will connect all the pieces instantly over a secure network. 

Two-way radios for buildings in Southern California are both cheaper and more reliable than using cellular networks. And, once they’re set up, you don’t have to pay any monthly fees to use the network. The benefits of selecting a two-way radio system for your property management company include:

  • Enhanced worker safety
  • Extended battery life
  • Durability and reliability
  • High-quality audio
  • Supportive to specialized workflows
  • Facilitate group communications
  • GPS technology
  • A variety of accessories

If you’re interested in how a digital two-way radio system can enhance communications, improve efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction for your property management company, request a quote for our team at Foothill Communications today.

Motorola MOTOTRBO™ Radios

When you upgrade to MOTOTRBO digital radios, the IP-networked, multi-site systems can provide coverage across multiple sites and throughout many buildings, covering areas that were previously unreachable with single-site analog systems. Start upgrading to Motorola MOTOTRBO radios today to see the difference that quality, in-building coverage makes.

MOTOTRBO Time-Division Multiple Access (TDMA) technology provides two talk paths for each frequency so that only one repeater is required per site. This technology allows for communication on two channels instantaneously. For multiple locations, more repeaters may be necessary for full coverage. You can find reliable Motorola Repeaters at Foothill Communications, or contact us for a quote.

Motorola MOTOTRBO Systems

Motorola MOTOTRBO systems provide solutions for every aspect of your property management business, from communicating with staff on multiple sites to activating lights and sprinkler systems remotely. If you want to employ a Motorola MOTOTRBO system to streamline your property management services, contact us for a quote.

In-building Coverage Solutions

Look to Motorola MOTOTRBO for your in-building coverage solutions in Southern California. Many building managers are reluctant to invest in two-way radios for fear of poor reception in sub-basements, elevators, and high-rises, but those are analog problems! Motorola’s digital two-way radio systems work when and where you need them to, providing complete in-building coverage.

The function of Motorola’s two-way radios goes beyond the scope of just enhancing communications. It is an all-in-one solution that automates many of the processes involved in property management. It frees you up of some of the tedious day-to-day operational tasks and allows you to focus on your customers and their experience.

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